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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Item Wiped Off The TO-DO List

I have have had these three lovely old store window posters for a couple years now. Their measurements have been safely tucked away in my wallet, ready to compare to any frame I might come across that would work. No, I was not going to buy frames from the usual places as they would cost too much. realistically the likelihood of finding three matching ones in the right size at a place like Goodwill was pretty slim too.

Which brings Aaron and I to Micheal's looking for a frame for a commission he is working on. it was a good week to do it too. The frames were all on sale and the coupon I had added an extra 25% off your total order, including sale items! You can't beat that!
And they had a clearance isle too. I was almost giddy at this point. Aaron found what he was looking for and I was able to toss that little piece of paper with all those measurements on it. Everything waiting was nicely framed up and ready to enjoy.
I even grabbed a frame for my lovely little tea bag painting by Kim Henkel.
Finally, everything is ready to put out to enjoy. Now onto other projects that have waited too long to be attended too.

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