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Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Than Just A Trip To The Dentist

Since we moved to the Prescott area more than seven years ago, we have returned to our old stomping grounds of the great metropolis (pop. 3300) of Alexandria in far-eastern Ontario for our dental check-ups. You don't let go of a good dentist if you don't have too! I gather as many members of our family who are available, and off we go. We don't just see the dentist though.

We always drive past our old house. It's looking somewhat more run down than when we left it. The hedge of Peonies is still growing and filling the yard with glorious scent.
After our appointments we all head off to the local park. They have done a great deal to freshen up the place since we left. I always make a picnic lunch as we are usually done by/near lunch time. I had tucked some of my birthday cupcakes in the freezer and brought them with us.
Umm, yes we had some salad first. I didn't just bring cupcakes.
Some things at the park remain unchanged and the guys have fond memories of climbing the "web" when they were little, a lot littler! No quite as challenging now.
At the top!
For Jacob, a swing set needn't have swings to have fun. Some things never change!
He needs to bend down a lot more to stick his head in the lion's mouth and get at the water spout now.

We also get to see old friends while in town. Like Jenny and Ronna.
We also stopped in at Raage, the local skateboard shop. Aaron had been commissioned to create several skate decks and this is the first one to be manufactured with his design on it. It's pretty neat to see your work on something others will buy and use.
The shop's name is on the left, "Raage" and on the right it says "Sauve" as it is Justin Sauve's signature deck. Justin is an old school friend of Jacob's and is sponsored by the skate shop. You can see Aaron's other deck designs on his illustration blog if you scroll down.

It was a long, busy, and fun day. Oh, and yes, all our teeth were fine too!

1 comment:

Ronna said...

It was great to see you however briefly. I had my cupcake for tea time snack at 3 p.m. Very yummy!!!


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