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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday Soiree

It's that time of year again. My birthday. As it landed before the end of the week and both Jacob and Aaron were here together, I decided to put together a little birthday luncheon, pour moi. Jacob's friend Alex came over to enjoy the festivities too.

All luncheons require a little planning and work ahead so I got started on Tuesday.
Mini raspberry filled scones.
Then cherry cupcakes with homemade cherry icing and a chocolate covered cherry on top.
I found the recipe for this Deep Dish Berry tarte over at Sprinklebakes. You need to make it a day ahead but it really was an easy recipe.
Then to enlist the "tall ones" to hang the banner.
Then to set a pretty table. Pretty things to eat.
I found these unusual peaches at the grocery store. The label calls them "Flying Saucer" peaches. The sign said, "Flat Peaches." They were soft and fragrant, ready to eat so I bought a few. They certainly stack nicely on a plate!
Our main course was a chicken salad with toasted almonds and red pepper, topped with a little Mizithra cheese.
I was totally nervous about un-molding the tarte. As I expected there was a fair bit of juice. The pastry held though. Impressive-looking.
And delish!
My very gracious lunch guests, Jacob, Aaron and Alex.
Odelia sporting her own mustache.
Gumdrop was a lot less interested in posing. She kept laying down in her back. Silly girl!
It was a lovely lunch and afterward we all watched Hitchcock's "The Trouble With Harry." Hilarious!

Thank you all for the good wishes and salutations.

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