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Friday, June 29, 2012


This was the second year in a row that a group of folks put on a huge yard sale in Gananoque. Son number three and I went last year and had a great time. Everyone was so very nice and having a good time. As I had to take son number one to Brockville this morning, we kept driving first and checked it out this year. Again, everyone was there to have a good time and there was a tonne of wonderful stuff to look at, stories to share and bargains to be had.

Above is my little load of treasures. I have an old tinted photo of my grandfather which ought to fit perfectly in the green and gold frame with curved glass front. Son number three will love the VW emblem. the two old tin cooking molds are about four inches long and the shaving brush is supposedly Shaker. I just like old shaving brushes. The vintage Christmas box still has cards in it.I always pick up the old Audels books. I really like the old technical drawings inside and my guys enjoy reading them too. As an added bonus, they are small.

This glass slide makes me want to head straight to the cottage!

This poor old Wedgwood egg vase has certainly seen better days and needs a good cleaning however it still retains much of its original charm.

This treasure was found at Goodwill on the way home. It is painted on silk. the fellow behind me in line thought it might have been done by a local artist, long ago. The frame is very delicate and has taken a beating. Hanging in my dining room it looks as though it has always been there. Perfect!

Amongst my goodies, I found an old Penny Rug! I have always wanted one for our long harvest table and now we have one! I love the primitive form and feel of the wool fabric it is made with.

I need more cook books like I need another hole in my head however, I simply couldn't leave these three behind. Volume one and two of the "Encyclopedia of Cooking" are from 1948 and the "Modern Culinary Art- French and Foreign Cooking" is from 1950.The colour pictures inside are simply fabulous!!

And, my heart still swoons at the ballet. It was such a big part of my life growing up. I had to pick up these three theatre booklets from the late '60s-early '70s along with the book "Ballet Impromptu." The pictures and illustrations were gorgeous.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian bloggers. Enjoy the long weekend. And to you Stateside, enjoy your upcoming Forth of July festivities.


Nichola said...

LOVE that Wedgewood piece. Fab find!

Jenny said...

As always you found an amazing variety of treasures. I really like the swan picture and it does go perfectly with the wallpaper.


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