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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Medieval Times- Upper Canada Village

There were talks about birds of prey.
This is "Zoltan the Adequate."
He uses kerosene to fuel his torches, and apparently to light his tongue.
Colorful belly dancers.
There was some long sword fighting. Poor souls, it was so very hot.

Did you know that, in the day, each participant would bring along their own coffin to the fights? Yup, to the death.
If you were a vendor in the Medieval Times what would you sell? Why, giant pickles on a stick of course.
It was funny to see all these people wandering about gnawing on their giant pickles on a stick. Too bad I don't like pickles.
There was a woman there who would write your name in Chinese Characters on rice paper. Aaron got his name done.

A little water and you can make your own mud! Great way to cool off centuries ago, I guess.

Even the livestock found cover and slept away the day. Too hot for anything else.

Tomorrow, the jousting.

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