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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spur Of The Moment Adventures

In spite of the temperatures reaching the 30s (Celsius), Aaron and I ventured out to Upper Canada Village to see the Medieval Festival. I love Upper Canada Village so a chance to go is always nice. We didn't spend time in the village much but headed out to the field filled with tents and colorful characters. When we bought our tickets we also received two more free tickets for a future visit. As it was "education day" we were going to be keeping company with five thousand students. There was quite the line-up of school buses there!
We arrived at opening so the townsfolk were out prepping for their day.
Great day for sweeping up, under the shade of the trees.
I never tire of the wonderful variety of fences in the village.
This was closer to the farming end of the village. I love how the roses are peeking out through the picket fence.

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