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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little While Back...

I was at Goodwill. No big surprise there. Here is what I found. The lovely vase above still has its brass flower frog that fits over the opening at the top. It's English. Odd colouring.
Some pretty trim.
A lovely little sentimental "Mother' silhouette with a mushy verse, a really nice mirror with etched border and a little "holiday" painting from someone's trip to Cuba back in 1954. I really liked the clouds in the picture. I took a little rub and buff antique gold to the parts where the paint flaked off and it matched perfectly.
This was a really funky silver casket. It has little wooden ball feet and will make a great box for an assemblage.
This actually a little larger than it appears, almost ten inches long. Very heavy too. It is a 1967 Hoselton aluminum sculpture.
I always enjoy finding bags of trim. You never know what you will find once you get it home. Nice stuff here.
More trim.

Well, that's it. I hope your week is going well.
We finally had a full day of rain. Steady, ground-moistening rain. It sure has been a long time coming.


Jenny said...

The white trim is very nice, especially the one in the middle. Also like the Cuban picture . It would look good in a cottage.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love white ribbons and laces and trims! You are truly inspirational!

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah


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