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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Toys For the Girls

On Saturday we went to one yard sale, nearby. Upon our arrival we noticed there was another one just across the street. Bonus! It also happened to be Marty's birthday that day and he found some wonderful "guy things" to take home.

For me, the best part was finding some boat/dock bumpers. The vet had actually said they make great playthings for big dogs. It was two dollars for all three of them so off they went into our trunk.
At first the dogs wanted nothing to do with them. I started swinging them about by the rope and Gumdrop got interested first which of course forced Odelia into a much more interested state of mind.

They were too short for Gummy to swing onto her back, her favourite way to transport large objects. She spent a lot of time just rolling them across the yard.

The smaller one was easier to work with.

It didn't take long for Odelia to put her teeth through it, making it MUCH easier to carry about.

At the sale we had planned to attend, I found a box of hat making stuff. Not too old but fun nonetheless. I will get pics of that soon.

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