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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Memory Lane Sweets, Cornwall, Ontario

It's been a very busy four days however we will begin our week with something sweet. Memory Lane Sweets, to be exact. Ronna told me about it and how much she enjoyed their gelato. If you "like" them on Facebook and then send a personal message, they will send you a coupon for buy one get one free small gelato.
Well, yesterday it was 33 degrees Celsius in Cornwall and certainly a very good day for something cold! It was very good and Marty especially enjoyed his cherry choice.
The shop is bright and colourful, filled with all manner of sweets from your past and old favourites that are now hard to find. Hey, J, they even have ribbon candy!
There is good choice in gelato, made right there.
Always someones favourite, the candy stick. My guys like root beer.
Cheery cones filled with a variety of sweets.
My grandfather used to like horehound candies. I just looked up the origins of horehound candy and you can find that interesting info here.
Pez in all its forms is available here too. This picture is for my mom who has a soft spot for Snow White.

So, if you find yourself in Cornwall, do head downtown for a visit. You will be glad you did. They are right near the Sears mall and just around the corner from my favourite place to lunch, "Ye Olde English fish and Chips." Yes, we were there yesterday.

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Ronna said...

Happy you liked the place. We were there on Saturday night!


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