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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yup! Rain! There was nothing in the forecast about it so it was quite a shock to wake up to rolling thunder early in the morning on Tuesday. Then it was quiet. Nothing. So, I went back to sleep. Then another big pile of rolling thunder. This time with rain. More thunder, rain.
Lots of rain. Great wet gobs of it. All the grass in this area has pretty much gone dormant it has been so dry.
Lots of rain and thunder and lightning, all while the sky looked like this! An hour or so later, you would never know it had even rained. Except that the Internet was out as lightning had pretty much annihilated one of the nearby towers.
We are obviously back on-line again. Funny how you miss the Internet for about an hour or so but after that you just shut the whole computer off and get on with life. I appreciated the break as I am participating in the upcoming "Where Bloggers Create" blog hop (July 14) by Karen Valentine of "My Desert Cottage," so I spent my day in my studio, tidying up. It was great! Do come and join the fun. Who doesn't enjoy "visiting" other artists studios? It is always fun to see what others are up to and how they manage their spaces.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting weather...!
Hope you have a great night!

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah


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