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Saturday, July 7, 2012


When Odelia senses that Marty might be open to waking up in the morning, she climbs up and snuggles in for a bit.

If he doesn't get up, she reorganizes herself and gets comfy.

We had a lovely day today. A nice drive, lovely weather for those who have AC in their cars. Then a little lunch and home again late afternoon.

Odelia was very happy to have us back home. She again got as close as she could while Marty had a little snooze.
I hope you had a nice weekend too and were able to get away from the heat.

1 comment:

Kim Henkel said...

Looks like a nice day... I do wish we had some of your heat, and we could pass along some of our cool. Our day only get to about 15 degrees at the warmest.


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