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Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party 2012

Welcome to my studio and to the "Where Bloggers Create, 2012" party. This event is being hosted by the lovely Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage. Scroll down to find the list of blogs participating on the right hand side of Karen's blog.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you've got a moment or two as I have taken a lot of pictures!
Shall we begin? (Great swoop of the arm to welcome you inside my personal creative space.)

If you want to tour the whole house, which just happens to be for sale, go HERE.

You enter from the "center room" upstairs. We live in an old stone farmhouse that was added on to in 1994 so here is where the old leads into the newer addition. Head on through the fringe curtain. Go ahead, it's okay.

The center room doesn't do much but is the way from one room to another upstairs and holds my doll cabinet, artwork by my aunt as well as some of my own work too. I painted the altered paddle above the door with the name of where we have "cottaged" since I was a baby. The Chinese checker boards have been collected over many years and there is one for each of my sons. It is the same type of board that my grandfather had and I played on as a little girl.

On your left is bookcase with art books and wonderful wooden cases filled with optical lenses and watch vials and the like.
Looking into the studio space. I must let you know now that everything in here was found at yard sales over many, many years. The bookcase came with the house, the dental cabinet was found a couple summers ago. It had an awful paint job on it so we stripped it. I love the clear maple.
Here are the old kitchen cabinets I found last summer. They are all cleaned up and freshly painted inside. The wooden unit on top was one of the first things I found after we moved here.

I wanted a coordinated and easy way to store my rubber stamps and the sets of red drawers were perfect. You buy them at Lee Valley and they come with directions for building the box. Only four of them have stamps in them and the other two, embellishments. The wooden desk base was found just down the road with a "free" sign on it. It is actually only half the desk which was cut lengthwise across the centre. Normally it would have been twice as deep. The box underneath holds pads of scrap booking paper.
This old crate holds little treasures found over the years.
After taking all these pictures I realised that there are many pieces that originally came from automotive garages. Not beautiful, lovely old antiques, but hard working steel cabinets and sets of drawers. These hold tags while the floral box on top was originally a box of home permanent solution but is now my mom and her sister's shell craft box- from when they were younger.

I've labeled the rubber stamp drawers to make finding what you are looking for much quicker.

Look! can you see the top of my work table? Yup! All but empty and ready for another mess. The base is a cast iron patio table. There was no glass in it when we got it so my dear hubby put in a large piece of melamine.
At the end of my table is this fabulous automotive tool cabinet. It was a gift from a friend. It holds all those little containers that need to be corralled. Glass glitter, ink refills, paint, etc.

The wooden container is from Winners and was from their garden section. Each little "pot" comes out and they keep everything handy and organised. The photo of a hand with a tube of paint is my son's. His hand, his photograph. The printer's drawers hold all kinds of tiny treasures going back to my childhood and from my grandmother who like small things.

I think that if you can manage it, every space needs a comfy chair to sit in. I've had the little blue table to the right since I was three. My children used it too but they are all grown up now. I altered the drawer on the table adding feet, stamping all over it and filling it with zines.

A couple of Lotto games and apothecary jars from a Hoosier keep company with and old ballet photo and a 1920s toe shoe box. It holds a single toe shoe. I've no idea what happened to its mate. The doll-sized dressmaker's mannequin is a lovely French antique. It is covered with part of an old stocking as the silk covering is melting. Under that, it is covered with old French newspaper.

Another dental cabinet and labeled boxes and jars. I hope to get this one stripped too. China head dolls gather in a vintage doll crib.

In the space I am spoiled with a wall of built-in bookshelves. The stairs lead to a third floor loft.

Old fair ribbons create a little bunting across the top of the cabinet. The jars are filled with millinery and buttons and old fans, and game pieces, etc.

Steel stacking bins, an old wooden tool cabinet and a big red cabinet with cubbies all come together and hold all manner of supplies. From card making materials to rubber stamps and punches. The two wooden boxes, #8&#9 came out of an old chicken coop and used to belong to a teacher. Now they hold letters and cards from friends and family.

Because of the sloped roof-line, the wall is quite high so I filled it with a "gallery" of art. I did the watercolour of the bird back in high school. A dear friend did the pen and ink of the stone wall with the blue pot (far left), my childhood Chinese art teacher, Samphan Usher did the grapes painting and Frank Van Oort did the wonderful etching of the log bridge (bottom). I painted the old bread board and turned it into a button sign many years ago (top).
Yes, if I see a blank wall I want to fill it. It is like a bare canvas full of possibilities and creative potential.
While tidying up I made this little banner for the bare front of this storage box. The letters are rub-on. Besides holding practical items I also tucked in some antique children's books.

Little shelves are filled with little books and little bookends.

These little whisk brooms are adorable and tucked together into an old silver baby cup.

An old hat stand and rubber stamp holder sit next to a box I decorated.

A look at the opposite end of the studio. All the marionettes hanging are by Pelham Puppets.
My current project is to reconstruct an antique penny rug.

Right next to the studio is the laundry room which is great for washing brushes etc. Yes, it is decorated too. The old medicine cabinets (fabulous instant display units) hold antique lady's toiletries and men's shaving items. Miniature laundry items sit on the yellow shelf on the far wall.
Well, as we head back down the kitchen for a glass of lemonade we pass again through the "center room" and by the piece I did in remembrance of my grandfather once a tree surgeon for the Davy Tree Company many years ago and a fine artist himself.

Two more pieces of my own assemblage work. My long suffering husband makes the shadowboxes for me (top piece) when I don't have something ready-made (below).
Another boxed piece. This box was found in the barn and cleaned up and a piece of glass was added to the front.

Now for a few parting shots. The blue chair was my grandmother's pin cushion while the little blue velvet one belonged to my other grandmother. The lovely lacy piece in front is from wonderful blogger, Dawn over at The Feathered Nest. Do visit her studio. Hers is a delight to behold!
More childhood bits and pieces. The scarecrow was something my mom made in teacher's college.
The house piggy bank has a secret way to get inside.

The assemblage is something I bought on my magical weekend visit to the EarthAngelToys Art Girl spring Fling in Saratoga Springs recently and is by Cheryl Kuhn. My son's photo, taken during art school. He is now a professional illustrator.
I thank you for your visit and leave you with something I made in grade four. The little Plasticine farmer. The little cat piece was made by my youngest son when he was small. A little dusty but very happy together in the printer's drawer.


Anonymous said...

Your studio space has such a retro vintage charm about it....and Guess what? I have the same Laundry Soap Tin in my laundry room too!

thanks for sharing all of your pictures...stop by to visit with me too, if you like..I'm also showcasing my home studio.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay Jennifer,

Ohhh...you studio is so warm and beautiful..
I love those red colors on your space...
I wil thank you fro sharing this pictures with us..!

Please come and visit my world if you like..

Love from Marijke from Holland

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Love your studio! So colorful! Love that you use old piece to store things in, I do too.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful creative space you have have and I love all the unique units. We had an old farm and auto store and so wish I had saved some of those neat displays we we sold it! Hubby has some in his work area but I don't think he would be happy me toting them off to my space for some reason!

craftyles said...

I love your space.All the vintage touches and the cool metal storage drawers. I love the antique cabinets. Very creative space!

Helena White said...

Love the vintage feel of your space. A fantastic colorful studio! ~smiles ~ ♥ ஆ

Sandra Kaye said...

Very creative space.... I love all the cubbies filled with stamps and things. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sandy said...

The assortment of drawers and cabinets make this room special... good space
to do your work..

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

This is the first space I've visited that has color! I love color! Your space is fantastic. Obviously creativity runs in the family. Love the picture your son took. So nice to have those lovely pincushions from your grandmothers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space! Happy weekend to you. Tammy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your room is fantastic! Thanks for the tour! Twyla

anita said...

Loved 'touring' your wonderful space. I love the idea of comfy chairs. Reminds me of a John Denver song called "Rippling Waters". One line goes, "There's an old red chair by the window, that she found at a sale down the way, when some old women said that they needed more room for the winter, and people like pullin' out the stuffing when they sit down, so it passes the time." I never got an old red chair, but yours is lovely.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Nice space you have, i'm visiting from WBC. I like all your small details :) :) Happy weekend to you! xx Holly

art by pam said...

Thanks for the tour! Your studio has
a very retro style to it. Everything looks so organized - you are right about a comfy chair - I must be on the lookout for one! Have a great day.

Geralyn Gray said...

Wow......love all the cubbies and drawers and organization.....looks like a great space to be creative.....especially love the creative construction rubber stamps!

Sandi said...

Love your space! Everything is charming and fun to look at.

Karen Valentine said...

Jennifer waht a awesome studio you have! I too have filled my room with 90% garage sale finds. Isn't it awesome when you find that perfect piece?? Thank you so much sharing it with all of us. There are many things to gain inspiration from in there!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great room, Jennifer! And you're selling your home, you say? I love all the pieces you have for storage ~ they look like built-ins. I love all your pieces on display, too. Thanks for sharing your space!

Nook and Cranny said...

You really do have an assortment of unique storage units and such.
Love, love the vintage stamp collection.
Thanks for sharing your space.

Sandy said...

What fun tour, you are so organized, and I love all your finds. I do the same thing, get it cheap and redo it. Tons of fun inspiration, thank you for sharing.

Terry said...

What an amazing space! You are so organized! I attended the Earth Angels art show in NJ last month. So much fun - aren't they?


Anne said...

Wow - you are so well equipped! and I love all the crates and vintage cabinets.

Happy creating!

Kristi S said...

I enjoyed touring you space! You have so many interesting collections! My favorite are the vintage Chinese checkerboards and the portrait of the Queen over your desk. I would love to while away an afternoon at your place!


Leanne said...

Oh, how much I love your space! I so love the peek into everyones creative lives, and seeing where they spend their creative time. LOVE the red drawers (functional and cool style!) What a great place to work away! Thanks for sharing!

Cache-Mire said...

Love how you've re-purposed all the cabinets! And everything is so organized! Very nice!! When you have time I hope you'll stop by and visit me:-) ~Terri

Cheryl said...

I could live in your studio... it looks fabulous!

marie said...

Wonderful creative space...it's a great mixture of function and nostalgia!

just me... jan said...

Whew! I thought I was organized. You're amazing girlfriend! All of that tidiness and you STILL have sweet vignettes tucked everywhere to please the eye!

just me...sendin' kudos from Texas...jan

Blessed Serendipity said...

Thank you for the tour of your creative space. I love all your drawers and containers and how you have carved out so much storage space from every inch of space. Love your china dolls and printers tray with your treasures displayed within. Thanks for stopping by my place today.


Melanie Statnick said...

I love your Chair!! actually all your neat treasures and pictures on the wall. Kool space

Kathleen Conard said...

Such a wonderful creative space! I can tell I could spend hours in there taking a peek at all of your treasures. Thank you for sharing your lovely space with us! It is obvious you have put a lot of love and thought into it.

LauraO said...

I love your use of color! Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing your space..I'll be back to browse more!

Judys Fabrications said...

Oh a room with COLOUR!!Lots of character in your room.Thanks for the opportunity to visit your space.

Tamatha said...

Your studio is so colorful, and I love all the childhood mementos. It looks like a fun place to create. Thanks for sharing!

StasaLynn said...

You have a wonderful blog and creative studio..... I love how we both have the same blog colors and layout...... Great minds....

Thanks for sharing and I will definitely be back....

Vicki Dutcher said...

What amazing vintage goodies! Love the items you have had since your childhood. Thanks for sharing

fairyrocks said...

Love that you have such an eclectic mix of storage pieces. those tool chests look like just the ticket for flat visible storage. Lovely bits and so nice you surround yourself with things you love.
Keep smiling and creating thanks for sharing

Jan E O said...

I am in love with all the great things you have found to store items in. The farmer could be a friend with Mr. Bill from Saturday night live. Love it, love it, love it all. 5731

Charmaine Hansen said...

Love all your colors and the unique displays for your supplies...Too cool!

Marilou of Lulus Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

What great and unique storage you have, and an amazing amount of supplies. I would not want to move! So much to look at and all of it is wonderful, thanks for sharing your creative space, enjoy the party. Hugs Marilou

Lori said...

I love your studio and all the vintage treasures from your childhood--how lucky and fortunate for you that you still have them. Your room is so retro, comfy and so organized. Love it!

Maureen Hayes said...

I love how so much of what you have displayed has such meaning to you. That inspires me to put out more things like that and not worry so much about them being "useful"!

Thank you for sharing your lovely space with us.

Shell said...

Lots of Vintage Goodness and fun Cubbies! Love it!


Deb S said...

Love everything here and the way you put it all together. My favorite thing may be silly, but I think it may be the chinese checker games -- what a great idea!

. said...

I noticed with so many of the creative spaces and your space, they all have many great finds and things being reused for something new, and thats what its all about, studios are a fantastic mix of inspirations and memories. I like the rubber stamp stand. You have done a great use out of everything, fun space!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Wonderful storage to view here as well as all of your vintage collections especially your dolls. Love also your assemblages.
A fantastic tour!
Thanks for sharing it all with us.
Have a wonderful week,

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing. I especially like the carburetor cabinet and the dental cabinet. Unique and fun! I'd love for you to stop by my blog/studio if you have a chance.

Theresa said...

Especially digging those great steel cabinets! Very cool collections!

Maureen said...

Adore all the antiques; especially that Baby cup! Wow - awesome! Love all the drawers / cabinets too. What a great repurposing of them for storing your supplies. I also loved the fact that you still held on to something you made as a child and paired it with something your child made - how adorable!!!

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Fantastic vintage vibe to your studio! I love your collection of cabinets. :) thanks for the tour!


jennifer said...

Very nice studio! Love the retro feel.

Creative Grammie said...

You have a great space to create in and it's so organized. Thanks for sharing your space and your work.

Fiona Larsen said...

Wonderful space! I admire your knack for organization, and you have some wonderful assemblage work. Great use of the automotive pieces for storage too. Thanks so much for stopping by my studio and your lovely comments! F

Mya.L said...

So much space - I envy you! I love the Dugal (or Pollux in French) dog hidden in a drawer among all the ribbons.

Devon Smith-Breidel said...

Such a great collection of so many interesting things. Kitchen cabinets? So simple, so functional, but never crossed my mind! How clever you and your husband are :)


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