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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cool Misty Morning

Can you say "autumn?" The last few nights have been downright refreshingly cool and the mornings covered in dew.
We have a big old pear tree in the back of our property. The deer do a good job of getting all the low fruit. However the top is heavy with pears.
Perfect picking for the crows. Every morning for the last week they have been gathered in the back corner of the yard, making a racket and eating pears, leaving behind lots of evidence.
Heavy dew in the morning.
Mist on the pond and long shadows between the trees. Perfect for early morning walks.
The hummingbird still comes to my heat ragged hanging plants. A little hard to photograph but I caught him before he flew away. He must have thought the bamboo wind chime was some odd flower!
I got held up in town for a bit and had to fill an hour or so. I wandered over to the nearby box mall and took note of the rose bushes along the parking lot. This was the very last flower.
Summer is easing into fall.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the first photo in this post. That barn peeking in front of the beautiful blue sky! Stunning. I'm a country girl, born and raised.....so this scene really warms my heart. Thanks for sharing.

Ciao Bella
your newest follower

Creative Carmelina


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