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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recent finds.

Sometimes you find nothing, sometimes you find bunches of cool stuff. Above is a great Dover clip art book of Victorian goods, a great little ;pair of wooden shoes, a wooden egg that opens up, some worn out opera glasses, a fancy soap sampler the smells wonderful, a cute pair of Fire King bowls with a red doily design and the cutest little wedding album.

This was in its original box and I love the satin cover and the fact that it is only 4x5 inches.

This was my favourite find. It is a glorious casserole dish. It looks familiar to me but I simply cannot remember anything about it. It has no markings on it at all. Does anyone out there know where it is from?
I often find round glass rose bowls/balls but this one will be easier to work with in its oval and upright state. The flowers inside were made of paper.

The vintage invitations are unopened and the cool poodle has a tail issue but still looks wonderful. The vase is from Germany and is an older souvenir from Niagara Falls. I love the brown little crockery piece. It's only three inches tall.

This is a great Nativity piece. Not sure I will keep it though.

This was a real find. Dating to 1967, a set of "Transportation Teaching Posters" for school. Only one is missing. I guess the helicopter poster was very popular. For sale.

This a lovely soft blue Hull pottery casserole. Perfect. Also for sale.

This sweet machine has its wooden carrying case and has been "electrified" by someone a long time ago. The motor is mounted on the back of the machine using holes that are already there. Pretty neat job!
I love the wonderful gold decals.
Lots of care and detail in these old workhorses.


Jenny said...

That certainly was a good haul!

Anonymous said...

I love vintage sewing machines! They have so much ornate detailing.....and they were built to last!
thanks for sharing.

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina


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