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Friday, August 17, 2012

End Of The Week Wrap-Up

Sounds important, doesn't it? "End of the week wrap-up." Well, it is the end of the week. Time to ready oneself for the weekend. Always a busy time around here. So, what have I been up to? Nothing really worth blogging about. The usual stuff. But today I will share the highlights.
With so little rain this summer the grass went dormant and didn't need cutting. That's a good thing, sort of. While the grass lay about all brown and crispy, the weeds took off and reveled in the long hot days and seemed to thrive. Cutting weekly would normally keep them pretty trim however this years they actually bloomed and so we saw flowers we might not, normally.
I remember these from when I was little. We called them butter and eggs.
We have a lot of thyme growing in the grass and it smells so nice after you cut the lawn or just walk over it. It has gone to bloom too. A few mushrooms have popped up since we have had a bit of rain.
While preparing dinner one night I marveled at the wonderful tiny baby bok choy found inside a larger baby bok choy. So cute.
I was off to Cornwall on Wednesday and the clouds all along the St Lawrence were giant and fluffy.
I like to stop and get out and stretch my legs and take a look at the bridge to Ogdensburg NY on my way home. It curves like a large steel serpent across the water.
Walking the dogs about the property in the morning it is nice to stand in the shade of the trees while the sun steams through the leaves.
I took note of a tiny puffball growing in the yard.
Aaron pointed out a garter snake under the chairs near the house. It wasn't too happy with our curious attention.
We enjoyed fruit smoothies most days too.
No crafting, thrifting- well a little- later post, lots of laundry, meal prep, clean-up, etc. That's what most days are like however, with camera in tow everywhere I go, there is always something worth capturing and always lots to be grateful for.
Have a great weekend.

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