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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Nights & Saturdays

Somebody is always VERY happy to have a certain person home in the evening. Pull down that fuzzy blanket and it's "couch time!"
Saturdays however, are a different story completely. If the weather is as wonderful as it was today, it means play time, and lots of it, outside. Here the rope on the boat bumper is very handy for pulling it around and around. Odelia never tires of chasing her toys. Yes, they are Gumdrop's toys too, but Odelia thinks they are ALL hers.
Once Odelia gets moving, Gumdrop just moves out of the way and stays a safe distance away from the action.
Odelia would keep this up all afternoon if you let her.
Time to change direction.
And so it goes. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weekend weather. There haven't been a lot of these beautiful days this summer. You don't want to waste them.

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