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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Toonie of Treasure

 It had been a while since I dropped into the local Salvation Army store.  However, a little while back, driving by I noticed there was parking out front and I had a couple dollars in my pocket so I thought it about time to see what was new.
For only two dollars I found a few little pieces worth taking home with me.  A hand made flower on its original card- made in Quebec, a tattered leather bound copy of war poetry and a sweet little book with a lovely cover, "Susie Wood's Charge."
 This is published by a Bible tract society.

The war poetry book is from 1917.  I really like the details you find in the old celluloid necklaces.  This one has lots of leaves and a couple flowers, in perfect condition.

1 comment:

Grace Pringle said...

Did you find the celluloid necklace at the Salvation Army too? Do you know how old it is?
It's beautiful :)


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