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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pins & Needles

 I was putting some stuff away and noticed that I had a number of little packages of "sharps" or sewing needles.  I took a closer look at the lovely labels on these little utilitarian packages.

                                     There is a lot of information on these little things.
                                             Even the inside is beautifully designed.
                     Should you need a little help threading those needles, there are needle threaders!

 A little off topic but still sewing related, tape measures of all sorts.  The "lady" in the centre wears a thimble hat, which when removed, reveals a spot to wrap thread.  The "torso" opens up to reveal a screwdriver end as well as a nail file, (and needles) which screw into the bottom where the scissors are currently.  Too bad her lovely design is all but worn off.

                     This lovely silk chatelaine is from the 1920s and was my grandmother's. A place for                       everything and everything in its place.

    Needle books, from primitive linen to the velvet and silk piece in the lower right corner.

 And if you wanted more needles than you could ever use in a lifetime, a lovely little cardboard book with advertising to remind you where to do your shopping.

 This fun pin cushion was also my grandmother's.  It originally was covered with a green cotton fabric and the top flips up to reveal storage in the base.

                              If a needle book isn't your style, perhaps a pin cushion will do.


Grace Pringle said...

The perspective in the picture of the couch-pin cushion makes it seem like the armchair is life-size with giant pins in it!

Jenny said...

Imagine - a patent for the needle book in the second photo. I have used needle threaders many times. They are an ingenious design and so effective. The cardboard books look familiar so I guess my mother had something similar.


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