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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Natural Wonders

Today found us in Brockville running errands. It was warm but there was a nice breeze. Above is a shot of the rays of the sun shining through the clouds, sideways. Totally as I shot it. Wow! Clouds Never cease to fascinate me.

While walking the dogs about the yard this evening, I noticed something I have never seen before. A tan coloured praying mantis. From what I could find on-line they are green when it is moist out and brown when it is dry. Well, it has been dry but we did get rain all day yesterday. Hmm?

Anyway, it was sitting patiently on an old oil tank we have which is currently populated with a wasp's nest, tucked just inside the "door" -a hole in the top.

Here it is watching the wasps and the wasps are watching it. Nobody moved for a long time. Okay, for minutes, but it seemed like long time.

Then the mantis attacked, sorry that photo turned out very fuzzy and I didn't think asking for a replay would have gone over well.
The mantis attacked and the wasps mobilized and attacked back. There was a little flurry of activity.

Then the mantis stepped aside to regroup. I left them at this point as I didn't want to cause any further distraction for the mantis.

According to what I read it has very good eyesight and can see movement up to 60 feet away and also has ultrasonic hearing. I'm surprised it let me hang around. I guess a nest full of wasps is reason enough to tolerate a human watching nearby. Perhaps it was a pregnant female as apparently they lay eggs in the fall which hatch in the spring.

I was pretty amazed by the whole exchange. You know these things are around but we so seldom get to witness them in action. A real treat!!


Ronna said...

VERY, very cool!!!

Jenny said...

Well, that was quite the event! I'm surprised that the mantis would try to go after the wasps. Great pic of the mantis and wasps eyeing each other.


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