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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perth Autumn Studio tour

 We have been taking in the Perth autumn Studio Tour for more years than I can remember.  This was their twentieth year.  The twisty, hilly back roads running about the rural Perth area give up lovely homes, unique studios and a beautiful countryside not often seen, unless you take in the tour.  To see all the artists who took part this year do check out their web site.

 Kirk's Kanoes is a great spot to visit. You will see the most beautiful totally handmade canoes.

                              Flook D. Doo woodwork is beautiful in its simplicity and form.

                           Scott Dobson creates garden elements and wonderful cedar fences.

            He also collects all manner of natural objects, many found and many given to him.

                                                          Fascinating stuff.

 It was a real treat to meet Ludwig Ratzinger and taste his fine chocolate.  It was magnificent!
Fascinating person, beautiful chocolate.
 A trip to Perth isn't complete without a trip to Balderson Cheese!  Their curds are the best!

Before calling it a day we head up to Cardon to look around.  They have an ever-changing assortment of tools and other neat stuff.  Above are the treasures I came home with.  The book is an old text for teachers on homemaking.  The Magic Baking Powder tin has never been opened.  It still holds one pound of powder.  The striped wooden piece reminds me of a funky head, and the brass stencil set is complete.  |It is for creating price labels.  The quilt clamps are fun and the best find was the lovely copper and enamel clock face.  It is almost perfect.

There was so much more to photograph but I got lost in just taking it all in.

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