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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Weekend Away

 Every year, during Thanksgiving weekend my DB and I head off to the cottage and take in the Perth Autumn Studio Tour.  We arrived Friday evening.
Not a fuzzy picture above, that was the sky that night.  Just like the ripples in the sand at the lake!

 At one of the studios was this unique-looking wasp's nest.  It rather blends in don't you think?

                                                   The colours were wonderful!

 You will find many split rail fences all over the countryside.   The rocky landscape prevents your more traditional fencing, requiring posts to be sunk into the ground.

                                 I love how the birch stand out against the changing leaves.

                         This gathering of milkweed looked more like a piece of installation art.

                                               One studio had some colourful fowl.

                                       Ruffly peach-coloured fungus spilling out of a tree.

                                                            Sunset on Saturday.

                                              It was very windy Saturday evening.

                               Sunday morning, we woke to much cooler, clear weather.

                                                          Rippling shadows.

                                                Lots of wood bits along the shore.

                                        Heading home.  More on the tour tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The photos put me right there.


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