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Sunday, October 7, 2012


 The dogs are in waiting mode.  They are waiting for Marty and I to get back home today.  They don't much care that it is Thanksgiving weekend.
However they do care that we aren't around, creating the usual balance of comfort and fun.  Not to worry, in a few hour's time all will be returned to  "normal."  And, I shall have lots of pictures of our activities.
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend too.

1 comment:

Diane Mars said...

Happy Thanksgiving, our dog Charlie really hates when we leave him home alone. Oh by the way the outfit was a cotton green & white striped childs out fit nothing original! But I sure would love to find this dolly some of her original shoes her feet are 5" long imagine that! I will be on the lookout! Hugs, Diane


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