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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dogs, Boys, Cars

                          It's been a full week of unexpected alterations to the schedule.

         Here Odelia wont let go of her ball and let the halty come off so she can play.  Silly girl!

 We've had some little flurries but today the snow seems to have made itself comfortable for the moment.
                                              Odelia and gumdrop in action.

 BFF from high school was supposed to visit this week, however she wasn't well and didn't make it. Yesterday was spent in Cornwall.  Busy place!!  The mall was just hopping with activity and people galore!

 Today, Aaron and I head out in my dear old car to run some errands.  It made funny noises and didn't feel right.  I called Marty who said to just drive it anyway. The poor thing has been on again, off again for a while now. It usually acts up while I am trying to get somewhere and then is apparently fine, when it is being closely looked at by my DH.  We only made it around the block.  It really didn't feel right! Back into the garage for my old car!  Unfortunately, in my distress at not getting my errands taken care of, wondering how I would get my errands taken care minus a car, who I could call to ask for a lift, etc., I let the locked door to the garage close behind me and then I realised my keys were still in the car! Oops!

Thankfully Aaron has a cel. phone.  I called son number three- in Brighton.
Thankfully, Joshua had no classes until 4 PM today, and was able to get out of said class.
Thankfully, Jacob was at home too.
Thankfully, Joshua had just bought a car two weeks ago to replace the one he currently uses and got it safety'd this week.
Thankfully, both Jacob and Joshua each got into a car and drove here from Brighton.
Thankfully, we had a barn to hang out in for the better part of an afternoon and that barn has an old radio, so Aaron and I got to listen to two episodes of the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean on CBC, among other things.
Thankfully, Jacob and Joshua got here in time for me to get my errands taken care of.
Thankfully Joshua knows cars and was able to determine, with some technical explanation that basically it needs some serious help.  I think it needs to be put out to pasture but a "new to me" car isn't anywhere in the budget so I am
Thankful to have Joshua's "new to him" car for the time being.
Thankfully, Aaron's friend dropped in to check on us on his way home from work and joined us all for dinner.
Thankfully, I am now mobile again.   His car is a lovely Jetta, much newer than my 18 yr old Jetta.
The dogs were beside themselves with excitement at having all three of the boys here at once AND Aaron's friend too.  So much excitement!
I look forward to a less exciting day tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

I'm glad you're safe and sound. I'm sure the dogs are very, very happy and nice for you to have all the boys at home at once.


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