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Friday, November 9, 2012

List Making

I woke up on Monday this week full of energy and the desire to get going on planning for Christmas. It was time to lay out the details on paper.

I found this lovely old journal from fellow blogger Kitschy Vintage's Etsy shop.  I enjoy her blog very much too.  This journal contains every purchase from 1917 to 1929 for one individual.  It details EVERYTHING through the years from basics to wedding monies received and even all the costs of building a home.

Each year's Christmas expenses were written down too.  It is a fascinating snapshot of life many years ago.

On my sixteenth birthday my father gave me a blank journal.  I didn't put it to use for a while and pulled it out after I was married, three years later, and used it to write out special Christmas baking recipes.  I have added to it each year.

In the back, on our first Christmas I wrote down all I baked, who got cards, who got what gifts and what gifts were received.  I've kept that up since and now my book is all but filled up.  I guess 28 Christmases is a very good run for a single blank journal.
Have you begun your Christmas lists?

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