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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Christmas Thrifting

 Aaron and I were downtown today and stopped in at the Salvation Army store.  You  never know what you might find.  This wonderful basket made from Christmas cards is a pure delight for someone who loves old paper.

           The cards chosen to make this are wonderful vintage examples.  A flocked Santa.

                                       Many were heavily embossed, like the candy canes.

                    Event he base was a surprise.  A lovely card with a satin embellishment. I have seen pictures of these before but have never seen one up close before.  A lot of work and care went into it.

 I also found what I thought were old boxes of ornament hangers.  Nope, they are from Restoration Hardware.  Brand new.  They are nice and heavy duty.  Not at all like the flimsy ones you usually find.

 These three paint by number pieced were strangely appealing.  Perhaps it was just nostalgia.

There was also a bag of vintage Christmas  picks of holly leaves and little pine cones- forgot to take a photo, sorry. I also found a baggie with copper crinkle wire! You can't beat that.

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