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Thursday, January 3, 2013

After Christmas Sales

 I didn't expect to get out to see what went on sale after Christmas as I have no car right now but as son number three is home until the weekend we got out for the day yesterday.  it was good to replenish the larder and to poke about through all the super mark-downs on holiday fare.
I got some paper plates which are perfect for gifts of food. The box of sparkly little party bags was a dollar twenty!
Each year I try to get a new box of cards however there weren't any that caught my eye.

 I had my eye on these before Christmas. Half price made them very enticing. The thick felt moose are great to attach to gifts, especially in a houseful of men. The three glittery metal snowflakes will look nice in a window next year. The red bird tree is heading to my studio and will hold things all year round.

 Don't you just love this wrapping paper?  The above roll is of all manner of strange advertising from way back and the faux birch bark roll is just amazing!

                  Some finds will be gifts for special people next year.  You know who you are.

And these great birds? Well, visualize them on a tree branch in the corner of my studio.  I think they are delightful!

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