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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Card Display

 There are many different ways to display Christmas cards.  Lots of fun and unique ideas can be found all over the place.  In a basket, clipped on a little clothesline, attached to wire rings on funky bases, etc.  In our old home, we used to tuck the cards into the louvres of a bi-fold door.

 Last summer I picked up some commercial Hostess chip clips at a yard sale.  They were in two lengths, one pair longer than the other.  I had the long ones for sale in the Milkhouse, but they were still there when inspiration hit and I brought them back into the house.

I used the shorter ones on a dining room doorway, the longer ones on the archway to the living room.  I had fun digging through my vintage Christmas card collection to find a nice, coordinated variety to hang up.  I have taken them down now but I am thinking of pulling out the Valentines for February.  Needless to say, these are not going back into the Milkhouse!

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