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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Random Bits From Last Week

 It was a quiet week overall. I got my laundry caught up and the laundry room is all put back properly again.  Warm weather, cold weather, board games and the usual stuff.

                              This was the sky in our front yard the other evening.  Lovely.

                                       Long morning shadows on the snow.  Lovely.

 I would love to get a night vision camera and set it up outside overnight.  These tracks tell me that there is a lot rabbit activity outside when I am asleep/not looking.

                One morning I was greeted in the kitchen with the heady scent of Hyacinth.

                                         Wow!  Things are starting to bloom already!

 Looks like my discount paper whites will be blooming soon too.  A dozen blooms or more from eight bulbs.
                             Cold days call for comforting foods.  A puff  pancake, anyone?

 Topped with some freshly made apple sauce and maple syrup.  A little jalapeno Gouda on the side was a nice finish.
We've been playing games too.  Odelia does NOT like board games.  Not much room at the table for her and no cuddling with fuzzy blankets.

I hope you are having a nice weekend.  Thanks for dropping by.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

What a beautiful pinky sunset! When I saw your puffy pancake, it reminded me of puffy omellette that my mum used to make - one of the few ways that I could stomach eggs. She would separate the eggs and beat up the egg whites which she would then fold into the beaten yolks. It was popped into the oven in an iron frying pan.


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