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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Food & Family Journal Ready To Mail

 Things get pretty messy when I am creating. There are so many options to lay out before settling on the final design.  As often happens, I have an idea in my head and in the end, the finished product is totally different.

 My wrist was giving me trouble last week, so a whole lot of cutting was out. Instead I doodled my way to completion for the main course spread. I rather like how it turned out.

 For the dessert spread the recipe just had to be apple crisp. It is a recipe my mom's mom used to make and my mom made it every fall too.  It was one of the first things I made regularly in high school with Best School Chum, Denise. Her specialty was anything with chocolate and this was mine. I recall we made up a batch and tried to eat it all in one sitting. We only got as far as two bowls each. It is simply too filling!  It was delish trying!
 I came across some old newspaper pages in an old scrapbook I had and there were all these great grocery ads so I decorated the inside of the back cover with some.

     I also added more to the back cover as well. I didn't want to totally cover up the lovely ragged leather, so I left part of it alone.  Now to find a suitable box for it and ship it off to the next person in line.  The swap doesn't actually begin until mid April so I have some time to work on some other ideas I have for this swap before I get my first book to work in.  Fun!!

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