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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Like Old Times

 Where we used to live, in far Eastern Ontario, there were "house sales."  Much like the estate sales I read about on other folks' blogs, these were always run by the same local auctioneer, Flora Dumochel.  You would line up as early as possible to get to get first crack at any wonderful finds.  In addition to the shopping aspect, it was also a great opportunity to see inside some pretty nice homes and to get great ideas for your own home.  I was recently thinking about those house sales and wondering why they don't do it where we live now.  Oh well. Things change.

Marty and I were out near Cornwall a week ago and on the way I saw a tell-tale florescent yellow sign at the side of the road. It was a house sale!  We turned to follow the signs and sure enough there was Flora.  It was after lunch and things were pretty picked over but we got to look around and naturally found a couple things to bring home.

 In the basement I spied a stack of old books. No I don't need any books.  But the leather spines caught me attention.

                                       The lovely marbling also got me more curious.

 Inside this "compact" set of encyclopedias were lovely fold out colour maps and colour prints.    Only two dollars for the set.  SOLD!  How could I leave them behind?

I also picked up this lovely souvenir mug.  I can never resist these. They are all so lovely.  Souvenirs today are not so nicely made!
It was a fun little diversion, just like old times.

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