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Saturday, May 18, 2013

All Wrapped Up

 I wasn't planning to go out this morning but it was so  nice, I couldn't resist. I only went to a couple yard sales and did mange to come home with some goodies.  At one I got a bin of wrapping paper and gift bags.  Inside, down at the bottom were some lovely vintage papers.
There was an assortment of tissue papers.

                 There were even a few Japanese type wrapping papers.  Lovely metallic details and texture.

             The juvenile papers were fun.  Children working, playing and riding their trusty steeds.

                                                           Animals acting like children.

              For the men in your life, modes of transport decorate all occasion wrapping papers.

                                                     There were wedding and birthday papers,

and baby papers that look more suitable for framing than wrapping and later tossing away!
Did you find anything interesting this long holiday weekend?


Diane Mars said...

It was a good thing you decided to venture out I love vintage wrapping papers, I did go out and found a few goodies Hugs, Diane

Mitzi said...

I love vintage wrapping papers too! Great finds!


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