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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yard Sale Finds Part Two

Besides the great lot of wrapping paper I shared with you yesterday,  I came across these delightful boxes with intriguing labels on the bottom of each.  All are made in Italy.
 Inside each box is a lovely international doll.  These were gifts to their original owner from her grandmother.  I am guessing her grandmother did a fair bit of travelling.  The boxes have never been opened, their plastic fronts have come loose though.  An easy fix.

 They reminded me of my first official "collection," my own international doll collection.  Many had been found at church sales and Oxfam Christmas sales.  I still have a few of those dolls.  They were all so beautifully made, some from natural materials like coconut husk, corn husk, cloth, wood, wool, fabrics of all kinds.  Actually, they were pretty amazing.  Many a school project was begun based on a doll in my collection, and I had the privilege of sharing my collection with others at the school library and even the local library at one point. They were a great springboard to learning more about the world far away from where I lived.

                           I found this really neat powder tin. It's not small so it held a fair bit of powder!

 Inside were some colourful clay marbles.  I was happy to see that one of them was broken.  I always wondered what they looked like inside!  Yes, the blue marble in the foreground is glass.  There were two of those in the tin too.

Oh, yes, I bought a sweet little oak desk.  Once the surface is cleaned up it will be good as new.  It has its original furniture label on the bottom.  It came from Elora,  Ontario.  I'm thinking it will be perfect for my sewing machine.  I am currently using Jacob's desk.  However, he may want it back at some point!
From the same place I got a neat prune crate.  I will get a picture of that and share it later.
I hope you have been enjoying your long weekend too.

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Mitzi said...

Nice finds, Jennifer! It was good pickins' around here, too.


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