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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Round Up Of Fun Finds

 Over the last month or so I have hit the odd yard sale and done a little thrifting here and there.  No major finds but a few little things here and there, like the instant collection of pocket knives above.

   There seems to be a bit of a tartan trend going on here: silk ribbon, tartan pen knives and kilt pins.

 This is a fun chatelaine sort of sewing piece.  See how a wishbone is incorporated and looks like a pair of scissors.
                    A little pocket for a thimble and the bottom is a pin cushion.

                                             A continuous royal wave powered by the sun.

                                         A few funky pins and a little wind up rooster.

 I thought these mid-century salt and peppers shakers had the most wonderful bird cage designs on them.

                                                   A solid acrylic sphere.  Why not?

                       A unique Gurley candle unlike any I have seen before.

 Okay, I don't drink tea, nor do I collect tea pots either.  However the black border and gold polka dot design captured my attention.  This partial set must have been very special to someone.  These pieces are all that remain from many years of use.  They are very translucent and the tea cups each have three little feet.
                                    You can see the gentle wear on the handle.

A sweet little figurine, marked Japan. For a Hummel knock-off, the detail and paint quality is lovely.
So, what have you turned up in your travels?


Jenny said...

Isn't it amazing that all these so different items started with an idea and then somebody had to go to much trouble to manufacture or make them?
People have such interesting ideas.

Mya.L said...

Love the little diamanté star brooch!


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