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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Sweet Smell Of Lilacs

 The lilacs are at their peak right now.  When the breeze is just right, you can smell them all over the yard.  It's wonderful.
   The bees are busy gathering pollen. You can hear their buzz long before you can spot them flitting about.  They never stay in one spot for long.

 It was time to get some of this loveliness inside to enjoy before the rain pulls those blossoms apart.

                                        You can smell them all over the house!!  What a treat!


anita said...

I love the smell too. Between kids bringing them in and friends dropping them by, I have had a steady supply. Lovely.

Cindy said...

Your lilacs are lovely,I love bringing them into the house and I enjoy smelling them, too. My bushes don't even have leaves yet, we are WAY behind you here in Winnipeg!


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