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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thrifting With Denise

 Yesterday I shared my finds from the town-wide yard sale and today we wind things up with our other thrifting adventures.
These two lovely art glass glasses are for Joshua. He's my yellow fellow.

                           Totally mid-century and perfect filled with sparkling lemonade!

 This was found at Value Village.  I don't go there often and don't usually find much either but this is really neat and still works.  They just don't make office supplies like they used to.

 I found the red shoe in one part of the store and Denise turned up the other at the other end of the store. Someone had used hot glue to add sparkly cord and pom poms to them.  Thankfully hot glue is easy to pop off.  They will be fun to use at Christmas.

 I found this plate last year at a yard sale.  The birds are silver.  Not sure I want to polish them or not.

 At Goodwill Denise noticed these lovely candlesticks. When we picked them up I noticed they had the exact same design as the plate above.  Naturally they came home with me.

                I love the simple forms of these Boda animals.  At one time they were very popular.

                                                              Aren't these beautiful?

 I always laugh when I find such neat natural elements at Goodwill.  You never have to leave the country to turn up such wonders.  This kind of sand dollar is called a "sea biscuit."  It does look a little like a big puffy cookie.

This little tree is covered with glass "stars" and is stamped Japan on the bottom.  I wonder what it was created for?
Happy hunting now that the warm weather is here and the yard sales have begun.

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