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Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Merrickville Town-Wide Yard Sale Day

 Last Saturday, Denise and I head out early to Merrickville to join the crowds in search of fun treasure.  We passed by this house with ponies grazing in the yard.  I got permission to take a few pictures of them.  A fun sight early in the morning.

 This was the scene coming into Merrickville from the east.  Lots of bargain hunters out that day.  Everyone was in a great mood.

 I found this fun mid-century decorative lamp for Marty.  It goes perfectly with the funky kidney shaped table I found for him at Goodwill a while back.  It's destined for the "man-cave" at the other house.  He loved it!

 I found this lovely vintage velvet, some cotton trim, a little crochet and the metal thing is actually a folding travel hanger. Not too visible are a few rectangular chandelier crystals in the centre.

 I can never resist these wonderful Victorian sentiments in fun frames.  This will be my fourth.  With nine foot ceilings they hang very nicely above our doorways.

                     This is from a print society.  Just needs a little cleaning up.

                     Although blue really isn't my colour I was smitten by the unusually shaped frames.

             Who can pass by an old brush or kitchen tool.  The turned handles were very nice.

               Another wonderful wooden box filled this time with templates for technical lettering.

 From teeny tiny to more normally sized alphabets.  Another tool whose time has passed with technology making things less labour-intensive.
I also found a few books and a lovely wooden Valet for Marty from Eaton's.

                  The best find of the day was this fabulous kitchen table with enamel top. The drawer just needs a new bottom and even though the two leaves are missing it is perfectly wonderful and useful.
It still has its original paint.
I love the wheat motif and the enamel is all but perfect.  I had made a picnic lunch to nibble on throughout the day and had lots of water on hand.  Denise also found the things that were on her wish list.  By the time we were ready to head home it had gotten quite hot so we made a stop at the ice cream shoppe.  A good day all around.

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