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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Backyard Surprises

 It's been a gloomy, humid week so far.  Good for staying inside and washing floors, rearranging your son's bedroom and generally doing stuff you have been ignoring for a while.  Having no car gives you little opportunity for off site distractions.

The grass in the field at the back of our property is as tall as me and looking very lush this year.  Makes me wish we had some goats/sheep.  I am sure they would really enjoy munching away on it.

 This bush/tree is near the barn and this is the lushest I have seen it since we moved here!  It is full of berries and so far I haven't been able to find out what it is.  The birds are really enjoying it.

This is also the first year our crab apple, which blossoms beautifully each spring, has shown any fruit at all.  It's loaded!  Perhaps the long, cool spring has had something to do with all this wonderful productivity.

Well, back to the inside work.  We have the long Canada Day weekend before us and all my guys will be home at once.  My eldest just got a job out West so he will be leaving the province of his birth for grand adventures far away.   We are also expecting company, so there is much to do.

I wish you a lovely day, wherever you are.  Thank you for dropping by.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Nice pix! That berry bearing plant looks like a red elderberry, inedible to humans and NOT the delicious purple elderberry...


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