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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ruffles, Baby Toes & Stone Faces

 I have seen a few places on-line where folks use fun containers for their plants and succulents.  I gathered some lovely old brass pots and did a little research on how to best plants things in them.
I didn't need to drill holes if I filled the containers a third full of pea stone first, facilitating good drainage.

 Then I head off to Canadian tire to pick out some funky plants.  I came home with these: at the top are "baby toes", to the right and left are "split stones" and at the bottom are "stone faces." Cool eh?  And, no dangerous spikes or needles to concern myself with.

                                                 This plant has the "ruffle" in the name.

 It took me long enough to finally get them into their new containers but they look pretty happy now.  they have even grown!!

                                   I put the "living stones" into an old yellow-ware bowl.
I used to keep a lot of house plants around- before I have children.  I loved to collect different kinds of ferns and ivy.  With each child I had less attention for the plants and eventually I had no more houseplants but three growing sons.  Well, the sons are all but on their own now so I thought it was time to revisit the green things.  I liked the idea of succulents as they are not very demanding.  I was also hoping they would be fairly slow growing!


Wendy said...

They look wonderful Jennifer. I'm in the process of finding some interesting pots for my cactus' now so you've given my some great ideas.

Jenny said...

What a fun collection of plants. I especially like the third ruffly one. Succulents are nice and carefree.


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