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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Country Living Fair- Catskill's Cats

 After our tour of the Thomas Cole home we drove through Catskill to get to the place we were going to eat for lunch (mediocre, so not worth mentioning.)  It was a beautiful day and I took a picture of this church on main street.

 Our drive through town was full of colourful surprises in the form of artist decorated cats. I had Marty park so I could get out and take pictures.  They ran on for blocks.
Here is a "Super" cat.

                                                     This cat has a lovely mosaic design.

                                                      I'm sure this took a long time to do!

                                                                  A "Lion" of a cat.

                                                                A cat with a cat theme.

                                                  This cat is in front of the local theatre.

                                 This feline armour got a first place ribbon.  Pretty cool!

                                                                 A real "Catskill" cat.

                                                          Alice in Wonderland on a cat.

                                A salute to the Marx Brothers and all the golden oldies of comedy.

                                      Groucho!  After our little tour here, we hit the long road home.

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Ronna said...

Love the cats!


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