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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Whole Lot Of This and That

 Just after arriving home form our little adventure away we had guest for a few days, then my brother dropped in on his way to and from Ottawa. We were supposed to show the house but they cancelled which was fine with me as I was well worn out by the end of the week.  So, needless to say, I still have not washed my kitchen floor!  We've had some lovely weather and some good rain too.

 My gardens, mostly ignored, are doing very well too.  This Jack in the Pulpit is more than a foot high!

 I've been enjoying lots of time out of doors.  I even had all three boys here at once for a bit.  Eldest son is currently out west for interviews.  He really enjoyed his first plane ride.

 We've had some lovely sunsets too.  The guys were out for a bite to eat last Saturday.  My car was neatly parked in a large parking lot with many other cars about too.  A semi truck decided to cut through the parking lot instead of going around and squished the back corner of my car.  Stuff popped off and littered the parking lot.  The axle is bent.  We cleaned up all the broken plastic bits.   Anyway, after spending much of the winter car-less I find myself in the same place again.  We only had this "new to me" car for six weeks. At least no one was in the car at all.

 We've been enjoying the birds and other wild bits about.  This robin seems to be passing the time of day with our decoy owl- which by the way no one is afraid of.

I did enjoy a visit from a friend and we spent the day thrifting here and there with a little lunch tossed in.

                                             Aaron captured this pic of a lovely dragonfly.
Appointments have been moved about and rescheduled and hopefully I will have wheels sometime soon again.

                                 Great clouds.  You just have to look up.

 This is only the third time I have seen this wee little snake, a Dekay's Brownsnake.  The first time, was years ago while splitting wood.  It was all curled up in a knot hole of a log. The second time, one was curled up in a link of the dog's chain that had gotten good and hot in the sun, on the sidewalk out our back door and this time I finally had a camera handy. At first glance it looked like a piece of shoelace.  This one wasn't more than eight inches long.

                     My giant baby's breath plant is back again.  It smells lovely too.

This morning this little garter snake was in my garden.  This one is only a foot long.  I'm using this time stuck at home to keep cleaning and sorting and getting more organised.  How is your weekend going?

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Mya.L said...

What a lovely dragonfly, its wings pattern is so beautiful!


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