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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Country Living Fair, Great Artists, Great Stuff!

 There were hundreds of booths, filled with beautifully tuned out displays, fabulous creative goods and great antiques.  It truly was like walking through the pages of Country Living Magazine.  You could have spent much more than the three days getting a close look at everything!
So, I should have gotten more pics but it was very crowded and honestly I  lost my nerve a few times when it came to asking if I could take photos.  Here is just a sampling of the wonderfulness that was there.
This is Donya Lynn O'Brian of Metal Monk.  She is from Long Island and has been featured in such publications as "In-Style" and "Oprah."

                    Her jewellery is fabulous!  I love the full necklaces and rich colours.
 A close-up of one of her pieces.  She was a lovely person to chat with too.

 As you all know it is challenging at best to take pics of glass but in the daylight it is more so.  This is a piece by Kathryn Kosto, of Poetry Collage. She is a collage artist and her work is most wonderful. I purchased a framed piece of her work and will share that later.  She was a most gracious person to talk to and it was so nice to find another person who was in love with arranging odd bits and pieces into works of art. She is from the Upper Hudson Valley area.

                                                This is a smaller piece of her work.

 And, here is another.  Her stuff was flying off the shelves too.  It is so nice to see happy customers buying handmade!
                     I was struck by these unusual large lamps in another space.  These dealers were from Arkansas, no card unfortunately.  Lovely people with lots of neat stuff to look at.

                          Love 'em or hate 'em, these lamps certainly make a statement!

 It was a most unusual sight to find a space not filled with people however it was to my great advantage so I took a picture.  It is a most welcoming arrangement.

 Another lovely booth of pretty jewellery. Pink Eyed Sissies.

                                  It was a lovely space welcoming and full of lovely pieces.

 This special lady is Lauren Decatur, needle felter extraordinaire.  She creates fabulous animals and lovely paintings which are perfectly placed in antique frames.  Everything was so wonderful.  She was a delight!
                       I bought this little chickadee to tuck in with my next collection.

                  Even the back-side of the spaces were full of great things to look at.

 This booth was full of the most wonderful arks and other wooden creations.  "Good Book Creations"
 Don't you just love this fabulous fish, the "Imagine Airship co."

                                                          I loved this red arrangement.

                                                     A salvaged bird house anyone?

                                            Everywhere you looked, something to inspire.

                                  A peak into the Earth Angels space. More on that next!

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