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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tree Toads Everywhere

 It is always fun to see where the toads hang out during the day.  In the evenings you can hear them "everywhere" calling to one another.  But during the warm daylight hours you can usually find them tucked into some pretty imaginative corners.  Okay, maybe their choices make perfect sense to them but sometimes they surprise me.  This little fellow obviously spends his evenings near the garage light where many a bug is attracted.  Easy pickings for anyone who likes to eat bugs.

 I frequently see these guys around the Milkhouse door.  Sometimes they are perched on top of the door and they fall on your head when you open it.  I always check first- now.

 This smart fellow was getting the best of both worlds, the hot sun from above and the cool condensation covered garden hose below.

I am sure that if this guy had been raised by his mother, instead of growing up in the pond on his own, his mother would have warned him against playing in the dandelions after they go to seed.  He does look a little silly.  Okay, ridiculous!
i hope that you are all enjoying a pleasant weekend!  Thank you for dropping by.

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