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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Year For Hollyhocks

 When we first moved here I planted hollyhocks neatly across the back of the front garden.  They didn't stay there for long.  They grew up all over the front garden!  I expect it was with the help of some friendly birds or rodents.

 This year has been a particularly good year for them.  Every morning I am so happy to see them, reaching for the sky.

                                              Each flower resembles a fancy skirt.

                                                   We've had some very hot muggy days.

                                                   We've had some good rainy days too.

                                            Have you anything special in your garden this year?


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

I love Holly Hocks. My parents had them down the side of their house. I was always trying to spread the seeds around.

Jenny said...

Hollyhocks are quite lovely. A good year for the flowers all round I find.

Kim Henkel said...

I had forgotten all about Hollyhocks, as they do not grow here. I do remember loving them as a kid when we lived in Ontario. Your beautiful pictures brought back fond memories for me!

You asked me about whether the earrings I made would be heading to my Etsy store - the answer is that a few pairs will probably head there in late fall when I hope to reopen my Etsy shop. If there is a specific pair that interested you just let me know, and I will make sure to include them.
I hope your hot weather has cooled to a comfortable hot.

Lady Linda said...

I love hollyhocks but cannot get them to grow here! My grandmother had lots of them on the side of her house. Have you made the little dolls form them? I used to do that when I was little.
Thanks for your visit! We are pretty excited about that little grandbaby. Cannot wait to hold him again. We waited for so long.

Kathy said...

Your Hollyhocks are so pretty and bring back childhood memories for me. They grew in the alley behind my Grandmother's house and we used to make little dolls from the blossoms.
I have never had luck with them here in Portland so I don't grown them in my own garden.


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