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Monday, July 29, 2013

One Yard Sale

It was a busy weekend and last week was mostly full of all manner of distractions of one kind or another.  Hubby and son number one went away for the weekend, son number three surprised me by coming home for the weekend and I had some fun at one yard sale and Goodwill too. Today we cover the yard sale.

 I was struck by these sweet little vases.  Only four inches tall and lovely in a group of three. There wasn't much else of interest to me and then the lady began hauling out box after box of slat and pepper shakers.  Apparently her collection numbered about 700 pairs.  She was "cleaning house." She brought out box after box  filled with salt and pepper sets.  I spent some happy time going through them all and found a nice assortment to bring home.

 These are fun little souvenir/advertising pieces.  Bonzo the dog makes an appearance too.  does anyone out there remember Snow White soda? I used to see a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken items, but not so much now.

 These are the ceramic pieces.  The totem poles bear a "Man and His World" stickers.  That makes them souvenirs from Expo '67.  The seagull salt and peppers are huge! I was amused to find an actual pair of flower/bee salt and peppers as I have had a single for many years, purchased from the first yard sale I ever went to alone. (It was a big deal at the time.)

 There is so much incredible detail and character to this pair I wonder if they are modelled after something.
 These are pairs made from natural materials: wood, stag horn, and shell. The cats have non-working squeakers and googly eyes.

 These puzzle me as they are not particularly attractive but here they are, in various sizes.  All plastic.

These are the most fun!  Hit the keys on the piano and the salt and pepper pop up out the top.  The toaster has salt and pepper toast slices, the candelabra holds salt and pepper in the candles.  A champagne buckets holds removable champagne salt and pepper bottles.  A metal flower cart, dandy couple in a car and stand mixer all make seasoning your breakfast eggs more interesting. When you push the lawn mower across the table to your dinner partner the salt and pepper pop up and down.  could meal-time be any more fun?

1 comment:

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is a ton of salt and pepper shakers and fun to be there as the woman pulled them out. I like that couple..the woman with the crazy black thick glasses..who could she be?


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