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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little Late Spring Cleaning

  A couple innocent purchases at Goodwill  made for some fresh little changes in my kitchen.

            The top of my Hoosier was getting a little cluttered, okay, a lot cluttered. It was time for a new arrangement.

 I secretly hoped that someday I might come across (an affordable) set of enamel canisters however that wasn't likely to happen anytime. I was totally charmed when I came across this set of cheery red apple canisters.  At one time, long ago, I had a single apple canister however to find a set was wonderful.  The price was right too and so they came home with me.  I  like the fresh look and less cluttered space. Turns out, I even have the matching apple teapot, too!

 I also found a bundle of copper pots which inspired me to rearrange my pegboard of pots and pans.  The copper adds a bright spot in the pantry.

With some of what I removed from the Hoosier I put on top of the microwave.  Much better.  A little late "spring cleaning."


Ronna said...

Love the artwork in that last picture!!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I know, eh! She's some special artist/friend!


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