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Friday, August 2, 2013

Leaving The Nest

 I was struck by how dark the sky had become behind the barn and almost didn't even notice the pair of young turkey vultures hanging out on the roof.  They fly over every day here and I love to watch them ride the air currents, swooping about high in the sky.

My eldest is all ready to hit the road tomorrow, heading West to begin a new job. He is finally finished his college program, looking to his future.

                                     These two didn't seem to mind my presence much.

                                    They seemed only a little interested in my talking to them.

                                                   One put on a good show for  me.

                                             The adults sport a much broader wing span.

                                                 They seem to be getting ready to move on.

                                                             And there they go.

                                                                 And they are off!

  This was the bright blue sky to the east while dark clouds gathered behind the barn.  You gotta love this summer weather.  Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!
                Wishing my son the very best as he heads out into the world to make his own way.

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