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Monday, August 19, 2013

Dress-Up and Great Food

 Saturday found us in Kingston over the weekend and suit shopping for my youngest.  If you have only sons you don't get a lot of opportunity for playing dress-up.   There was a good sale and it was fun to see my young man all decked out.

                           This is the suit that he settled on. Nice.  The sleeves are being lengthened.

 Since it was a two-for-one kind of sale he got a sports jacket and the perfect shade of jeans to go with it- my, how times have changed!, Then there were a couple shirts, ties and a proper pair of shoes. Yes, the tie is a wee bit long but you get the picture.  My baby boy, all grown up.  It sure goes fast!

 After the clothes shopping it was time for lunch and we managed to find a place recommended by our store clerk and enjoyed our lunch break.  Sorry, I cannot recall what the place was called.

While looking for the restaurant, I noticed a sign that said, "Fred's Bread" and got all excited as I knew it was the place run by a fellow we used to know in Alexandria.  Fred Debenedetti owned the Dairy Queen when we first lived in Alexandria and his daughter was our babysitter for a  number of years when the boys were little.  At some point he sold the Dairy Queen and followed his passion to Kingston and opened Fred's Bread.
It was fun to drop in and say hello and come away with a few loaves of wonderful, organic artisan bread.  We got the Kamut/spelt loaf and some raisin bread too.  Then we got some cookies and a wonderful almond paste and peach roll.  It was all so very good.  So, if you find yourself in Kingston be sure to drop by and try out something really special.

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Kathrin said...

I remember babysitting this handsome young man, too :-)


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