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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Wonders

 Just look around and see all the wonderful things there are to see. Big oak trees reaching for the sky.

                                            Perfectly rippled Canada flag on a breezy day.

                                   This little toad has stood his ground- this doorknob is his!

            He's waiting for the light to go on when the sun goes down and the pickin's will be easy.

                                                    Here he is later, climbing up to the light.

                                                                    A lovely moth.

                          A beautiful grasshopper.  Don't you just love the amazing design?

                       Down the road from us is this lovely example of fungus at the base of a tree.

                                                       Look up, more fungus. Stunning!

                              My hollyhocks are still blooming like crazy and so very tall.

                                         The pretty design cast on my garden by a solar lamp.

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