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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cool T-Shirts

 Laura was looking at the tie-dyed clothing available at the market but didn't see anything that suited her. I suggested we check out Goodwill and grab a white piece of clothing or two and give it a try at home.  She found a t-shirt for a dollar.

At home she chose a few colours to work with, and we did a little searching on the net for info on how to best proceed.  Yesterday was a great day for outside stuff so we did our tying and dying.  then the shirts went into bags for 24 hours and this afternoon it was time to see how it all worked.
Here we are giving them a good spray with the hose.

 All opened up they look wonderful!  This is Laura's shirt. Behind it is an old shirt of Aaron's.  I folded it accordion-style to see what wold happen.

I didn't want to waste any dye so I grabbed one of Marty's old  undershirts and dyed it too.  Fabulous, if I do say so myself.

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