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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weekend At Home

 We were barely off to the market Saturday morning when I noticed two old wooden doors out at the road near our home.  I managed to convince Marty to retrieve them which meant a trip back for the trailer and then getting then back again to drop them off before returning to our original goal of visiting the market.  At this point I am sure that our student is thinking I am nuts- until I pointed out the the headboard in the guest room is actually an antique door.  We did get to the market, where there was much to see.  Our young lady even ran into another Spanish student with her host mom!  Small world.

 Saturday evening included a game of Chinese checkers, then a game of speed with Aaron.

 Sunday morning it was time to make pancakes in order to put the maple syrup to good use.
Cool autumn mornings are great for pancakes.  Laura even flipped a few.

After making some broccoli salad for lunch, Laura and I made some cupcakes.  This was her first time using a piping bag.

                                                  Time to take pics to share back home.


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